Best Android Launchers To Revamp Your Smartphone

Each and every Android mobile phone has a home screen launcher. In fact, it is one of the applications where we use it most. One of the exclusive features of the Android is a capability to modify the home screen launcher. Since, as a consequence, there are dozens of different incredible launchers available to select.

The launcher can also easily download from the Google Play store. It can also be tough to sift throughout them all. Here is some of the best Android launcher which is worth your valuable time. We Tech Gadget going to list some of the best launchers for android to revamp your smartphone home screen.

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List of Best Android Launchers 2017

1. Action Launcher 3

The Action Launcher is a fantastic launcher if you are searching for some incredible specifications. The home screen can quickly change attractive colors, depends on your wallpaper, shutters permit you to observe a widget through swiping up on an app icon, the quick page is a slid out drawer for the widgets as well as covers, turn application app into the folders. The action launcher is unyielding app.


2. Nova Launcher

The Nova Launcher is an ideal home screen replacement, as well as it is also one of the outstanding Android apps ever made.  The Nova has been obtaining regular updates as Ice cream sandwich and also most of the people currently using this launcher on the mobile. 

3. Arrow Launcher

The Arrow is a superb lightweight as well as quick launcher from the Microsoft. One of the major specifications is a page along with widgets which illustrate things such as current photos, often utilized apps, most personal contacts and much more. Every widget can pin as the own respective page on your home screen. If you wish Bing, the arrow can modify the wallpaper daily to the Bing photo.

4. Apex Launcher

It is an initial apex launcher establish across the identical time as Nova Launcher. At one period, Apex had customization choices than Nova highly. The two launcher have an enormous in normal. In fact, they are fundamental stock launchers along with dozens of customization options. Of course, you have somewhat that seems dull or else trick it out in an entirely exclusive look.

5. ASAP Launcher

Since the name implies, ASAP launcher is entire regarding high speed. The dock at the bottom can be enlarged to illustrate current apps as well as you’re pinned most liked. The app puts your quick setting simply a swipe away. The swipe is from of the right edge to display toggles for things such as brightness, Bluetooth, Airplane mode, Wi-Fi, etc.

6. Aviate Launcher

This Aviate launcher provides a new grab on the app drawer. Rather than an alphabetic grid or else number of icons, it automatically maintains your apps into the folders format. Besides, categorized the folders are merely a swipe away. Therefore, the home screen is an easy ten icon dock as well as you can also quickly swipe up to observe most personal contacts to message or else call.

7. Solo Launcher

The app prides itself on being a launcher for DIY themes. Besides, it has a beautify app which permits you to modify the theme, fonts, wallpapers, and so on.  It is a broad array of gestures which assist you to navigate the interface rapidly. On the right side, it has a separate page for news, and universal search supports you to discover anything.

8. Evie Launcher

Evie launcher is also one of the latest apps, and it has a minimalist design which will remind you of the stock an android launcher.  Entire your app stored in the drawer which can opened by swiping up. Besides, the drawer can also maintain in the form of a list or else grid. The swiping down on the home screen opens, universal search for entire kind of things.

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