Best Windows Video Players You Should Have

If you love to watch movies from your Windows desktop, you have to use some video players for it. In fact, there are large collections of video players are available for windows where you need to pick the best one for it. You have different preferences which bring forth desire video players forever.

Choosing a good video player is an easy task which allows you to search a lot and install it to the windows. With the distinct features, it enables the users to choose the different video players for your need and preference. Here, you can find Best Windows Video Players for your search and grab it from online.

We Tech Gadget Brought you some of the best video players for Windows, do check it out!

Best Video Players For Your Windows Computer

VLC Media Player:

This video player is giving simple User Interface which does not include ads and other spyware items. Besides, there is no need for any program to install this player and takes natural process forever. You can download them from the right source and install the extra skins by downloading right one. This VLC player is getting updated every day original features. Moreover, this media player supports for any OS and install it without any hassle.


It is one of the best choices for the users who use this video player for watching videos. With an extensive range of features and specifications, the KMPlayer includes 3D, 2K, 4K, and UHD presence of internal code files forever. It is quite smooth and gives impressive features for making internal system files that playback easier the videos as per the expectation. It relatively needs lower configuration which plays the movies in the presence of regular features in the player. Besides, there is an inbuilt subtitle editor too that makes you get language at the bottom line.

GOM Player

This GOM player is named as best as well as the free player where you can love to play almost every media files. It supports wide range of video formats including MKV, FLV, and along with standard video format. Also, it has some features such as playback speed control, video effects, audio capture, A-B repeat screen and another facility for the users. It is known as the effective software which allows you to grab attention on watching the movies in a simple mode.


It is free software in which you will prefer to look at the movies easily by some intrusive toolbars. You will enjoy a fresh playback experience and almost play any video formats as per your need and preference. This video player plays every large file that you will have on your Windows PC. It is useful for a portable version that extends the productivity of new level. So, it is the great video player and consists of powerful version for playing the videos.


It is a free video player which allows the users to enjoy the good experience with audio and videos from your desktop. There are many features available that comes to playback the videos as well. It supports 3D and its oriented features to watch and enjoy the videos quickly. From the user point of view, it is almost a free requirement for watching and supporting different kinds of files from this player. With the help of screen capture feature, you will get a snapshot of the videos while playing from the player.

Real Player

It is a freemium player that is available for Windows PC and merely to watch the videos by enhanced options to share it. Also, there is a free version and standard features available in the video player. If you have a good internet connection, you will have a good Realplayer for the windows.

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