Everything You Need To Know About Galaxy S8

Thousands of people are eagerly waiting for knowing about the Samsung Galaxy S8. Now you no need to wait for knows about the Samsung Galaxy S8 because everything is available here. Mostly people are exciting to purchasing and see the new versions of their preferable mobile phones.  The same things are running now.

It is the plan to be released in the coming weeks and at the same time as they intend to release any snaps and videos. Samsung has made some acceptable changes that will be relaxing relief for the Samsung Galaxy Note, seven owners.  It has leaked the pictures of Samsung Galaxy s8. The smaller S8 has a 5. 7-inch display, the same size as last year’s fated galaxy note 7.

Everything You Need To Know About Samsung Galaxy S8

Release date

Moreover, permanently set for the time to release the Samsung Galaxy s8. The release date is March 29th, 2017. At the same time as it might be disappointing news following the rushed galaxy note seven first appearance of last year that done in disaster.  But people can’t blame Samsung for the proceedings.

Even though, the unpacked event in the great New York City will visualize the company reveals the handsets for the first time on March 29th.

Dual cameras

The Samsung Galaxy comes with well equipped double cameras features.  You can capture the things at night that will show the sharper and bright result.  And users can get the crystal clear image even in the low light conditions.  It is one of the important features on the S8, and it is an overall improvement to get the quality of pictures. 

Users will be capable of capturing high quality of images as wide angle photos.


Display feature is one of the most talked news by the people from past few months. The image has leaked on the web to give the solutions for the users.  The display is inside a clear case and has a curved edge to edge screen.  And it will feature a 5.8 inch Super AMOLED display while the Samsung Galaxy s8+ will come equipped with a beautiful 6.2-inch display.

On screen button

It removed the physical home screen button and offered small button on the screen. It is New on-screen home button for the galaxy s8 and provided a quick look at just how small the front bezels are.  It is wondered feature for the Galaxy users.  Users can quickly operate all the software’s and needed things on the phone because the on-screen button is simple and easy to handle by the users.

Fingerprint reader

There is a two different kind of sensor next to the camera that helps to make the s8 protective and secure.  And the Samsung galaxy s8 also comes with the iris scanner.  It is a most important feature made with the stylish and trendy manner.  No one can read your mobile phone without your permission with the help of this feature.

Wireless charging

The previous version of galaxy s has the same feature of wireless charging. It is reported same as Samsung Galaxy s8 and it will little bit improved in the s8.  It is believed that upgraded version of the s8 because I grow the 50 % of charging time. Fingers crossed the bighearted people at Samsung thrown in a free wireless charger for those who preordered.  This feature is useful for all the Galaxy users because people can get the high level of charge in a phone within their convenient time.

Waterproof more than 1.5 meters

It is new on the Samsung Galaxy, and it is an essential feature in galaxy s8. It is a pretty good. But it is believed that Samsung may be upgraded this feature up to 10 meters.  Users will get the better photo opportunities and that those who discover themselves completely clothed and merged in water with the no reason. On the other hand, it is a best and great feature for the Galaxy s8.  There is no chance to damage the galaxy if it skids on the water.

3D feature

The Samsung Galaxy s8 comes with the new exciting feature 3D. Users can take the pictures and record the audios and videos in 3D. It is a real and considerable feature in the galaxy s8. And users can view the images and data in a 3D form.  It is an excellent choice for animators and creativity users.

Other important features

The Samsung Galaxy s8 will feature Qualcomm’s and Snapdragon 835 processors and have 4 GB of ram, a whopping 64 GB of internal storage and run on Android 7.0. And users have possible to have a stylish and trendy headphone jack and a perfect quality of USB cable connector. Let’s enjoy to use the Samsung Galaxy S8 with the awesome and unbelievable features.

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